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Stella clients get 3x more qualified candidates and decrease 3x costs for talent acquisition on average.
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Set up your first funnel in minutes

Your recruiting funnel comes pre-installed in your Stella account. From onboarding to customization, you'll know what to do as soon as you log in. Now you’re ready to fill it with applicants.

Drive candidates in your funnel

Go beyond your own website, ads on job portals, or active sourcing. With Stella you may benefit from reaching both active and passive candidates at scale. Furthermore, the simple, yet sophisticated application process results in higher engagement rates and less dropouts.

Get a list of pre-qualified applicants

Pile of resumes for qualifying? Not any longer. With Stella you get the list of pre-qualified applicants in a spreadsheet (or transfered in the tool/system you're using). Higher efficiency with less effort and more relevant time for you.

Track progress towards goal

As you drive applicants forward, Stella monitors your funnel's performance like a coach. It calculates your cost per acquisition, so that you know the spending to attract new talent. Real time reports show if you’re on track, giving you time to adjust course if needed.

On-demand webinar

Discover the latest recruiting trends to pre-qualify candidates, attract A-players faster, easier, at lower cost, and more efficiently than ever before. Everything is synthesized in our on-demand webinar, backed with solid data and case studies from domestic and international organizations.
Duration: approx. 25min
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Deliver results faster at lower cost

Supercharge your recruiting efforts, and empower your team to win top talent

Broader reach to active & passive candidates

Advertisements on your own career site or on job portals only address a small group, less than 15% of all qualified candidates: namely those who are actively looking. With social media in combination with WhatsApp you can reach over 85% of all qualified candidates. Especially those who are not actively looking for new opportunities, including A-Players, but are open to offers.
Interested to learn more? Watch our on-demand recruiting webinar where in just 25 min we backup our statements with solid data and case studies from domestic and international organizations.

Make it convenient for interested candidates to apply

Most of the candidates, especially the ideal ones, are at a job, are not actively looking, and are certainly not interested in complicated, lengthy, and time-consuming application procedures. Data shows that over 70% of all candidates prefer to apply via WhatsApp, when this option is available. Stand out from the competition by offering a fast and convenient application process.
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Fill in open positions faster at lower cost

Over 85% of generations X, Y & Z use WhatsApp and are on the social networks consuming content daily. Social recruiting is many times faster & cheaper than traditional job advertisements or active sourcing. And with WhatsApp it is easier and smarter than ever before. 
Interested to learn more? Watch our on-demand recruiting webinar where in just 25 min we backup our statements with solid data and case studies from domestic and international organizations.

Retarget qualified candidates with newsletters

Send WhatsApp broadcasts (newsletters) and advertise newly opened positions. Target precisely applicants with matching profiles. Take advantage of instant delivery, high open rates, and personalized communication. Build stronger relationships and ultimately fill in positions faster.
Interested to learn more? Schedule a free, non-binding call where you'll have the chance to experience Stella first hand.

QR code to express WhatsApp application

Don't miss any opportunity to attract new potential applicants. Use billboards, retail stores, public transport, and other relevant places with high-volume traffic. Simplify the process by providing a quick and easy way to apply. Scanning a QR code brings candidates to your WhatsApp funnel, where the pre-qualification process starts.

Less work and more relevant time for you

Allow Stella to determine if the candidate is a fit for the open position and has the right motivation. For example, if special certification is required, Stella may ask and collect such data in advance. Based on the answers received, the candidates are automatically qualified, and segmented. 
Interested to learn more? Schedule a free, non-binding call where you'll have the chance to experience Stella first hand.

Work alone or collaboratively in teams

Effortlessly manage, categorize, and process applications within a shared team inbox. Create multiple teams, assign conversations, and drive applicants forward. Our scalable solution caters to both individuals and larger teams.

Build a powerful employer brand

Employer branding is vital for your organization as an employer. It involves investing in the touchpoints that signal to job seekers and employees what you're truly like as an organization.
With Stella, you can continuously communicate your employer brand purposefully (using AI and laser-sharp targeting) to the outside world. Present meaningful value propositions and facilitate easy exchange of ideas to attract desired candidates.
Interested to learn more? Schedule a free, non-binding call where you'll have the chance to obtain further details and experience Stella first hand.

Stella helps small businesses achieve their goals

Franziska Hinz and 214 other customers have rated Stella with 5 stars...
"From 20 to 40 employees thanks to Stella WhatsApp Recruiting."
Franziska Hinz
Managing partner at 
Pflegedienst Rose GmbH
"Unique support! Stella's workflow is intuitive and the support is extremely friendly, fast, competent and attentive."
Norman Knopf
Freelance Headhunter
"Whether applicant qualification, connection to recruiting tools or live interaction, Stella makes daily business life easier."
Patrick Börner
HR Director
"Excellent recruiting solution with top service."
Martina Hansen
Talent Acquisition Manager at
Miga Tech Group

A few of the many reasons why Stella is the right choice for your recruiting needs

Sophisticated simplicity

The WhatsApp chatbot comes pre-installed in your Stella Recruiting account. Personalization is a simple and fast process, and once set - the funnel runs on autopilot. On the other hand, the job application process is an enjoyable experience for all applicants, no matter their literacy level.

Integrations with your existing stack

We understand the importance of efficient workflows and the power of connected systems. That's why we offer a wide range of integrations to enhance the capabilities of Stella Recruiting and empower your hiring efforts.

Unrivaled automation capabilities

The level of automation you may achieve is unmatched in the industry. Take advantage of the advanced chatbot builder with easy drag&drop functionality. Powerful and intuitive, it is simple to use, and does not require complex skills or special training.


Offer transparency to the applicants, and stay compliant with the data regulations.

Live coaching

Interact with our experienced experts, ask questions, and receive real-time assistance, ultimately helping you optimize your use of Stella Recruiting and achieve your desired outcomes more effectively. Available in English and German.

Full of nifty features

Whether you want to work alone or collaboratively, monitor the performance of your recruiting funnel or integrate with your favorite tool, export job applications or provide live assistance to candidates, we've got you covered! Stella is probably the most feature-packed solution for WhatsApp recruiting available today.

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Ideal for getting started with WhatsApp, and collecting first applications manually. No chatbots, and no automation included.
Team inbox
2 seats (agents)
Chat widget for your website
100 applications per month
Application via QR code
"Apply via WhatsApp" button
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For Professionals who want to streamline job applications using advanced chatbots, and integrations with their existing tools.
Team inbox
3 seats (agents)
Chat widget for your website
300 applications per month
Application via QR code
"Apply via WhatsApp" button
Advanced chatbots
Pre-built recruiting funnel
Granular user roles
Integrations & webhooks


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/ month
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Everything in Standard plan plus live priority support, live coaching & training, as well as higher volume of applications and team agents per month.
Team inbox
5 seats (agents)
Chat widget for your website
500 applications per month
Application via QR code
"Apply via WhatsApp" button
Advanced chatbots
Pre-built recruiting funnel
Granular user roles
Integrations & webhooks
Priority support
Live coaching & training

Full Service

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Full Service social media recruiting, including done for you strategy, design of high-converting job ads, as well as publishing, running, and optimizing ad campaigns in social media.

Full setup, including individual funnels, unlimited chatbots, and unlimited monthly applications.
WhatsApp is pay per Conversation, not per Message. Each Conversation is a 24-hour window where you can send unlimited messages. Conversations can be job applications, broadcasts (newsletters), service & support chats, meeting reminders, follow ups, surveys, etc. If the monthly job applications count is exceeded, or you need to contact the applicants outside the initial 24-hour window, you have to buy additional conversations. Prices start as low as €0.20 /conversation and are available as add-on bundles to your monthly plan. All prices are VAT exclusive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Business API?
There are 3 different products within the WhatsApp ecosystem:
WhatsApp Messenger - for private individuals. Probably, you are already using it.
WhatsApp Business App - for small businesses who personally manage conversations with customers.
WhatsApp Business Platform (a.k.a. WhatsApp Business API) - for businesses communicating with customers at scale, automating most part of their communication, and for collaborative teams.
How can I start with WhatsApp Business API?
You can start with WhatsApp Business API by opening an account with us.
Unfortunately public users cannot obtain API directly from Meta/ facebook. They are required to use the official partners for the application process.
Can I use my current mobile phone number?
You may use any number that can accept calls or SMS to pass the verification process. The number must not have an active WhatsApp account associated with it. We advise not to use your existing number if you are already using WhatsApp Messenger on it.
How can I get a new number?
Simply go to your telecom provider and get a new number (new sim card). Or subscribe for a phone number service like Google Voice or
Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime?
Yes, of course. Stella is fully flexible to match your needs.
What else can I do with Stella?
Glad that you asked. In addition to the pre-built specific functionality, you may take advantage of various add-ons and/or built your own chatbots. To name a few:
- Reviews and ratings in a smart way
- Feedback & NPS at different touch points
- Schedule appointments
- Send reminders to decrease the "No Show" rate
- Recommend to a friend
... and many more.
Do you offer individual plans?
Yes, we may offer a custom plan to match your individual requirements. Just get in touch and ask for an individual quote.

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