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Unlock The Full Potential Of WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Marketing

Stella wins new leads for you 24/7, and converts them into raving, paying customers.
Generate Leads
Qualify and Segment
Nurture and Convert
WhatsApp Newsletters
Automated Campaigns

WhatsApp ChatCommerce

List products, accept orders and collect payments from customers in the app.
Product Catalog
In Chat checkout
Personalized offers
Transactional messages
Facebook integration

Customer Support on WhatsApp

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging the power of live chat & chatbots.
Live chat widget for your website
Team inbox for collaborative work
Chatbot for repeating queries
Access via desktop, iOS, and android apps

WhatsApp Automation

Put your repeating tasks on autopilot with easy to use drag-and-drop automation tools.
Build brand specific funnels
Automate repeating tasks

Successful organizations use Stella to scale their business

"Stella offered us a new way to get new customers excited."
Louis Fricke
"From 20 to 40 employees thanks to Stella..."
Franziska Hinz
Managing Partner at Pflegedienst Rose GmbH
5 out of 5
Patrick Börner
HR Director
5 out of 5
Milo Erne
5 out of 5
Martina Hansen
Talent Acquisition Manager at
Miga Tech Group

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Join us on the forefront of customer engagement and marketing by leveraging the power of WhatsApp. Connect with your audience in real-time, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive business growth. Get started today and unlock the true potential of WhatsApp for your marketing endeavors.
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The Turnkey Solution You Are Looking For

With Stella plans, you get ready-made WhatsApp chatbots for common business challenges. Take advantage of the professionally made flows rigorously tested over time. Just add your brand name and you are set. It's that easy!
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Personalized offers, abandoned carts, transactional messages.
Facebook, Instagram and PPC ads funnel with chatbot segmentation.
Trainers & Coaches
Schedule meeting, subscribe to webinar, sell course or podcast.
Restaurants & Food delivery
Browse menu, place orders, collect payments.
HR & Recruiting
Collect job applications, screen applicants, onboard new hires.
Doctors & Dentists
Book appointments, send reminders.
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Streamline your operations

We understand the importance of efficient workflows and the power of connected systems. That's why we offer a wide range of integrations to enhance the capabilities of Stella and empower your business to thrive.
Rest API
Detailed documentation
Send leads to your CRM
Incoming leads from WhatsApp can be forwarded directly to your CRM. Then, these contacts can be processed further.
Contact customers on WhatsApp
Connect your eCommerce platform with Stella and send transactional messages, verification codes, and marketing offers.
Google Spreadsheet
Set campaign triggers, define actions, send messages or manage products in your catalog directly from Google Spreadsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Business API?
There are 3 different products within the WhatsApp ecosystem:
WhatsApp Messenger - for private individuals. Probably, you are already using it.
WhatsApp Business App - for small businesses who personally manage conversations with customers.
WhatsApp Business Platform (a.k.a. WhatsApp Business API) - for businesses communicating with customers at scale, automating most part of their communication, and for collaborative teams.
How can I start with WhatsApp Business API?
You can start with WhatsApp Business API by opening an account with us.
Unfortunately public users cannot obtain API directly from Meta/ facebook. They are required to use the official partners for the application process.
Can I use my current mobile phone number?
You may use any number that can accept calls or SMS to pass the verification process. The number must not have an active WhatsApp account associated with it. We advise not to use your existing number if you are already using WhatsApp Messenger on it.
How can I get a number?
Simply go to your telecom provider and get a new number (new sim card). Or subscribe for a phone number service like Google Voice.
Are there any restrictions?
WhatsApp restricts certain kinds of industries, goods, and services for registering on the platform. Examples listed below are representative, but not exhaustive. Full list is available at

- Real, Fake, Virtual Currency
- Multi-level marketing
- Loans
- Diet/ weight-loss related
- Gamble

- Illegal products
- Drugs
- Tobacco
- Alcohol
- Unsafe ingestible supplements
- Weapons
- Animals
- Body Parts and Fluids
- Medical Products

- Dating services
- Adult services
- Gambling services
- Digital and Subscription

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