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(Without time-consuming manual work and at least 3x less costs)

Do you need (many) pre-qualified applicants quickly?
(Without wasting time and spending a fortune)
Your job ads are not performing!? Are they too expensive or too few (qualified) candidates apply?
Do you spend most of your time sorting out unqualified applications?
Do you have difficulties in reaching the right candidates and converting them into applicants?
Do you want to know how you can quickly reach 400% more qualified candidates and win them for interview with 3x less costs? 
(Especially those who are not actively looking. According to a Gallup study, 70% of them are dissatisfied and open to job offers.)
The webinar includes examples and success stories from domestic and international companies operating in a vast range of sectors.

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The latest recruiting trends in a comprehensive, yet condensed session. Available free for limited time only.
Duration: approx. 25min
On-demand webinar for
Recruiters, Headhunters,
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    Christian Schmidt 
    Managing Partner at
    Webinar by

    Christian Schmidt

    Christian Schmidt is an internationally renowned expert in marketing and communication, empowering companies to achieve remarkable success through innovative WhatsApp Recruiting and Marketing Funnels. Recognized as a Managing Director and "Innovator" by Brand Eins, he significantly contributed to scaling the user base from 60,000 to over 270,000 and establishing partnerships with global giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopify.

    His outstanding achievements include increasing revenue profitability, enhancing customer satisfaction, developing new products, and optimizing business processes. He is an expert in the fields of digitalization, automation, and business scaling.

    Schmidt boasts an impressive roster of reference clients including Spotify, Carglass, Bugatti, Amnesty International, DHL, Greenpeace, and Antenne1.
    „WhatsApp Marketing is the next big thing, much like email marketing was 25 years ago. Our clients save incredible amounts of time and money while acquiring new customers and applicants via WhatsApp, combined with AI and chatbots, faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. People love chatting on WhatsApp. Over 85% of 16-64-year-olds use WhatsApp multiple times a day. From waking up to going to bed, it's even safer to use than email and GDPR compliant.“
    - says Christian Schmidt.

    Prior to his current position, Schmidt served as Managing Director at the porcelain manufacturer Friesland Versand, collaborated with brands such as Otto, Amazon, Kaufhof and Karstadt and worked at international image agencies such as Image Source, Masterfile, Mauritius Images, and Zefa Visual Media in New York, London, and Germany.
    Duration: approx. 25min
    On-demand webinar for
    Recruiters, Headhunters, HR Managers and CEOs

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